KMG Prestige, Inc.

KMG Prestige, Inc. Review

I have been dealing with a LOUD neighboring tenant for over 5 months (half my lease mind you). I have given the exact building and unit number of the tenant to the leasing office 13 times (in person and over the phone) and told he would be served a total of three 30 day letters informing him of the situation. | If the situation wasn’t rectified then the last resort would be a 3 day letter and he would be evicted. This neighbor plays loud music and/or the drums from 10pm-8am almost every night. | I am not able to sleep in my bedroom due to the noise and have to sleep on my couch. I have called the police continuously and asked them to intervene. Because the office is not responsive I also called the corporate office. | Shockingly I was told that the 3 day notice was not the case- since they state I am the only person who can identify which apt is playing loud music (but not the only one hearing it) they are not going to do anything about this tenant. But the only reason I am able to identify which tenant it is, is because I walked outside in the freezing snow in my pajamas at midnight to find out who was keeping me awake!! | So apparently I am supposed to sleep on my couch for the remainder of my lease. I asked the district manager to call the man in the apt to be quieter at night, but he stated “that would be discriminatory”. I asked him what I should do, he stated call the police. Gee, think I’ll try that again.

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