Korean Women's Association

Korean Women's Association Review

I am a former employee of korean women’s association Kwa), and as such, i believe that i have become the innocent victim of multi-focal discrimination, mistreatment, abuse, harassment, and an unrestrained onslaught of vitriolic wrath unleashed by several managers and principal officials at various levels up the agency’s chain-of-command. Eventually i was fired under suspicious circumstances related to the aforementioned abject tyrannical agency attributes … Thus alas, cut-loose — as agency-adverse “damaged-goods” — following an incident wherein i sustained serious debilitating injuries suffered as the result of a vehicular collision in which i was involved, as a victim, while on-duty … Necessitating issuance of an accident/incident report and subsequent automatic mandatory opening of a labor and industries L&i) claim … Along with my submission of a formal request for agency acceptance of, and participation in, adopting lawful protections and accommodations afforded me as a right under provisions of the americans with disabilities act Ada) … Among other factors as well. I suspect — through firm believe — that age, gender, and disability discrimination were perpetrated upon me by kwa agency managers and officials in-league. A conspired campaign characterized by a mega-dose of patent nastiness did indeed ensue, methinks. Being an elderly disability-retired veteran and senior citizen in good standing, i realize that my future employment as a certified home care aide (“caregiver”) has now become a long-shot at best, as the damaging result of the likely professional career ruination masterminded and subsequently crafted by certain key members in official capacities within the problematic and troublesome embattled kwa organization. Theirs is all disgrace.Thank you in abundance. ****

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