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Kratom for Cheap Review

I have been ordering from kratom for cheap for about 2 years. I have found them to always be extremely professional and courteous. I find this negative report difficult to believe especially since the writer is insisting that the orders were underweight, without weighing them. I dont see how it is possible to determine the weight of an item and conclude that it is short, without weighing it. I always receive my orders within a few days and have had only positive experiences with this company. Every order I have received has been of the proper weight. I know this for sure because I have a scale and I weigh my orders. Derek has always been accessible and able to answer any questions/concerns that I have. I had one incident where my order got lost in the mail. It was a USPS error and when I checked the tracking information, for some reason my package was getting re-routed to different cities. As soon as I brought this to Derek’s attention, within an hour he offered to send me a second package so I would not have to wait and we agreed that I would return the lost package if I did end up receiving it. 2 days later, I received the 2nd package that Derek sent to me. It took about another week for my inital order to get delivered. When it did, I returned it to Derek as we agreed. He paid the return shipping fee. I dont think you can get better customer service than that. It is rare that kratoim for cheap makes an error. But if any errors do occur, they are more than willing to make good on it, even if it was not their fault. I have to say that the customer service is not just good, but excellent.

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