Kraverz Frozen Custard

Kraverz Frozen Custard Review

I have not only dined at this establishment but I have worked for them. It’s an Experience at Kraverz. If you work there, your run through the ringer both Physically and mentally. I have witnessed the owner dropping and Hamburger on dirty greasy floor and continuing to cook it and serve it to a customer. I saw another instance of cheese curds being dropped and put in a bag to serve to customers. They have a pest control come in and on every report it says bad sanitation in the kitchen. At the front end of the restaurant, you will find a sink in the corner which is never cleaned out. I have taken pictures of 3 week old almonds and other stuff inside of the sink rotting with a raunchy smell. Toppings are never changed. As far as cleanliness, you should not eat here. They underpay most of their employees. An 18 year old will be luck to make 6 / hr here. They were reported to the government but I have not heard anything on that. Your not allowed to have breaks unless you smoke a cigarette. The owners do drugs and sleep in the back office of the restaurant. It is out of control.

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