Lake County Auto Mall

Lake County Auto Mall Review

I bought a Land Rover 2006 from Auto Mall in Clermont Florida gave them $2,000 as a down payment and $500 afterwards for pickup payments and also gave them $380 to get my tag and it’s been going on 6 weeks with me not having a tag so when I asked him about the tag they won’t try to tell me when you bring the pick up payment then you can get your money but we already had made a payment and then pay them before the pickup and was due so they were holding my money I went to the DMV to find out what happened about the tag and they told me they send information back to the car dealership and to get back with them so when I call the car dealership and told them I went to the DMV they said they got kind of got upset and told me to bring the vehicle back so I told them are they going to give my son and I got money back they told me no and I asked him about my $380 can I get it but they told me no I said we’ll just take the $300 and I will bring you a hundred twenty and then they take care of the pickup he can I get my own tag and you still told me know he been threatening me all day yesterday about calling my job and tell them my job what kind of person I am and you try to get me going to try to get me fired and he’s talking to my wife about her job I got all the texts they sent me threatening me

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