Landi Ntlokwana

Landi Ntlokwana Review

I invested in commodities with a contract of 2 years, and I was supposed to be paid 30% of my returns every 45 days but it has never happened. Landi Ntlokwana and Jumoke Oyedele are fraudsters they are lier’s,they speak same lies same stories. They use and manipulate the name of Jesus for their own benefit’s. | Investment’s were introduced in Church but now same investors like us are struggling, Landi only pays pastors and those close to her their full returns and stupid like us are told they are getting their capital. This SBI has made profits now they rob people by claiming they are paying back capital. | When I invested after seminar I expected good returns as I was told. Landi paid me a donation as she called it ,because she was under pressure by black Twitter and promised to help me and have a good Christmas, I have all conversations and emails, I have proof, I even know people whom she paid because they are pastor’s. | I am not making a story,even their offices I visited several times,the doggy office. Lies in that office is the main value of the company which they forget to add when they amended their mission and values,professionalism is not there it is just a value not and never applied. | Landi stop hurting people by taking advantage of them and leave a lavish life through tears of other’s. .You rip many people. All I want is my returns as promised. The attitude of taking advantage of other people will tarnish the name of the business,you are in finance to pay people’s dues not to pay your bank account. . | The SBI is still operating but people are robbed why? Stop excuses and stories. SBI has breached the contract and its 2 years and six month old,what we call FRAUD. The money you paid,donation came in pieces to show it was not from investments but your pockets. Fraud is Fraud .

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