Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty Review

I filed an insurance claim to have an electrician come to the house and repair some outlets and light switches. The electricians showed up on time and did their thing on the wiring inside the house. The following day after flipping the switch to “on”, the lights flickered on / off and the light switch made a bizzare buzzing/crackling sound as if wood was burning in a campfire. I immediately called Landmark Home Warranty to have them come fix the issue that their electricians caused. The rep said I was SOL, but she could recommend a contractor to come fix the problem… all paid for by myself of course. They wont fix the mistakes their contractors make!!! GARBAGE!!! They only have $500 limits on most of their coverages anyway…. rip off! | Every time you have a service call, you better have $60 cash to pay them. All the realtor kickbacks are whats keeping this company alive.

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