Larry Clark

Larry Clark Review

I contracted Larry Larue who goes by Bucky to complete an extension on my house. The job was supposed to take 6 months after permitting. The job was completed 2 years later. Every time a sub contractor would come on site, they wouldnt come back for weeks at a time. So I started to contact them to find out why the work wasnt being done. | They explained Bucky hadnt paid them for other jobs, so they wouldnt be at my property till he paid them what was owed. This happened with about 10 different crews. When a crew would finally get a segment of the job done, Bucky wouldnt show up for inspections. Every inspection there was issues and Bucky was never there to talk with the inspector. | This went on for two years. When the job was finally done and Bucky was paid in full, the calls from sub contractors started. Each one said the same thing. Bucky owes them money for my property and others and he wont return their calls. I told them He was paid and even showed one the paid in full receipt, cause he didnt believe me. | Bucky is a great talker. He comes across as a nice individual but once he gets your check, work is at a stand still. I caution you to stay far away from Bucky. DO NOT WORK WITH HIM ON ANY PROJECT you want done in a timely manner.

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