Larry English Bulldogs

Larry English Bulldogs Review

I inquired about several puppies that they had and was told that they would call me and never did…. So i did my own research on them the phone number given is a text phone only you ant call it….. I asked for references and the name, address and phone number to the VET would not give any info up to me but was pushing for the deposit and was more than happy to give me 2 dogs and FREE shipping because he had a free coupon from his shipper…. In doing my research if you go to the website you will see so many things that are not correct….. you cant post anything about a dog that you bought from them, There is NO phone contact at all everything via text or email…. the pictures of the dogs that are on there are all in different locations like for example the flooring is different in all the pictures the back yards are different….. BUYER BEWARE these people are a SCAM……….

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