Latitude26, Your New Home, Inc.

Latitude26, Your New Home, Inc. Review

Hired Ray Scalero under another name “Oyster Bay” homes in Cape Coral Fl. The build went well until the final check cleared. The issues of his model home are this (We built similar model) | 1) Went through 4 ac compressors (house without AC for over a month while we were up north once) | 2) guest bathroom plumbing from location to the outgoing plumbing not pitched correctly constatntly getting plugged (I am a contractor… it is not correct) | 3) EVERYwhere they dug up for the underground utilities the tile has cracked even after I asked that it be re-compacted | 4) stucco falling off side of the house. Had it redone by Al brothers 2 years ago now it looks even worse. | Every time I reach out to Lattitude 26 they put me in contact with a subcontractor, which I do not have a problem with until the problem never goes away! | I became the subcontractor, and for 5 years we lost our AC system, lost our new appliances (fridge, and microwave) have constant power outages in the master bedroom and in the kitchen. The AC guy even try blaming me for not cleaning out the lines!! Ludicrous! I have a vaccuum and do it every couple months… | These are all things we can live with if he would had communicate directly with us and tried to get to the root of the problem.. This has not happened and now am having power outages as well as stucco with severe cracking along the side of the house. I have tried to call him and am now fed up! | There are other builders in the area that have the ability to back up their warranties, obviously Ray and Latitude 26 does not have the funds or are not willing to stand by their work. | There is a 10 year law in Florida for fixing structual issues and we plan on pursuing this to the fullest.

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