Lawrence Jackson Lockett Jr.

Lawrence Jackson Lockett Jr. Review

He has NO CONCEPT of what his Obligations are .02 after they leave his own Mouth! | He will not honer most anything he tells you he will do…………. | DO NOT LEND HIM MONEY! | DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY FOR ANYTHING – you will regret it. | I have personally handled 5 legal complaints from Stuart to Ft Pierce of people being Lied Too, Ripped Off and more when doing marketing for his Fencing Business! | A shame people like this exist – makes you wonder how someone could be that damaged they have and feel no obligation, no merit, no honor in what they are paid to do, what they promise and more…. | From his own staff & helpers being screwed to the people who pay him ! BEWARE! | Soon he will surely be arrested for practicing construction without ANY Licenses, the ability to pull permits (as he has been doing – shame on you PSL!) and fraud – lot’s and lot’s of FRAUD. | You have Been Warned!

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