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I attended a free consultation with this law firm and I was told how I qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I paid over 700.00 and I was informed that I won a case from a violation of a credit card company trying to collect a debt from me while under representation. This entire process was filled with VERY LITTLE communication and LONG and UNPRODUCTIVE phone hold times and pass offs to wrong departments. I left numerus messages and rarely did I receive any call backs. I later accepted a job offer which took me out of the state of Florida and I communicated this with the firm. | After 2 months, I contacted the firm and they told me that they closed my case because I moved to another state which I had not. To this day, I am still a resident of Florida and was simply waiting on direction regarding my case. The basically told me SCREW YOU and stated that they were not reopening my case because I moved to another state because I communicated with them pleading for direction. | These people basically stole money from me and did nothing but send out letter of representation to creditors. | I WILL NEVER recommend this firm to anyone EVER for anything. These people NEED to be stopped and removed from this business ASAP. I want to sue them as they just closed my case without ANY notice because they claimed I had moved to another state. I did mention I would be relocating in a few months but I NEVER told them I moved to a different state, I just began a new job which took me out of state with a possible relocation down the road. | NEVER EVER EVER uses these crooks EVER!!!!!!!!!

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