Leaf Cuisine Leaf Organics Rod Rotondi

Leaf Cuisine Leaf Organics Rod Rotondi Review

Report Filed: Leaf Cuisine Leaf Organics Rod Rotondi Leaf Rod Rotondi Leaf Cuisine Leaf Organics Leaf Cuisine Rod Rotondi Rip-Off THEIR FOOD MADE ME AND MY FAMILY SICK!!! Los Angeles, California!!

I usually never post unhappy reviews like this, but if I keep silent, more people might come to some harm. We went to Leaf Cuisine to celebrate my job promotion. I’ve been to other raw and vegan restaurants in the past and, after seeing a Leaf ad, decided to take my family there to have something a little different. My husband and daughter, ate a little, then set their foods aside. They didn’t like Leaf Organics’ food at all and, did not even bother to pack it to go to take home. For me, the food tasted not so good, but edible. I hate to see foods and moneys go to waste, so I finished my plate. No sooner had we reached home when my 6-year-old complained of a tummy ache, followed by my husband, then myself, in quick succession. We took our daughter to Emergency after she developed high fever along with persistent Diarrhea and Vomiting. Me and my husband, both experienced stomach upsets and similar symptoms that night and for the ensuing 4 days(in fact, we both took sick days off from our jobs), but we were really worried about our daughter. Fortunately, she was able to pull through like a trooper. On hindsight, I should have been more discerning and probably researched the place out or even tried it first before taking my family to Leaf. We’ve tried calling a couple of times to complain to the owner, Rod Rotondi, but nobody returned our calls. We will report them to the Los Angeles Health Department because this is a public hazard. The best meal is always a home-cooked meal, because nobody really knows what goes into some restaurant’s foods. This is a bitter lesson for me to always be vigilant when it comes to my family’s health. I truly regret going to Leaf.

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