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I have recived a few batches from this company some of which were of high quality, some of which of horindous unsmokable quality. The truly immoral part of this company comes in the form of their customer service. Not only are they full of excuses and dimminshed responsibility, but they are outright rude and aggressive even stating that “they do not have time to deal with complaints”. Not only have I supplied a multitude of customers to this company (which I now regret) but also have overlooked minor incovnences in batches in the past believing that it was just what they were working with at the time. Leafonly.com sent moldy black and dark brown leaves, said they would call back, didn’t, then tried to act as if I did not respond “in time”, pictures were sent, they asked for more, then when it was obvious how disgusting the product was attempted to blame the consumer for lack of care and said they could not take responsibility for poor handling. The tones in both written and verbal communication were enough to see how little this company cares for customers. So egotistical that not only do they refuse to make right or take responsibility for the wrong, but act as if it is an irritation to deal with a customer. | This company will attempt to give you the run around, if you continue to peruse the issue, will tell you that you merely need to rehydrate the tobacco (with blatant disregard to the stale taste or mold, which are not fixable via this method) then talk down to you or yell at you and tell you they “do not care what you have to say” “have more important things to do woth their day” In 100 percent honesty I did not wish to have to write this review but felt obligated due to the fact that this is the absolute most immoral customer service I have expirence from a company in my life. After much persuit in the sake of ethical principles, they offered a free quarter pound of I was to purchase more tobacco from them, also they attemmpted to claim that this was a favor, this review can not sum up the absolute sub par dealing with Leafonly.com, but I do hope it sheds some info to those thinking of placing an order with this RIPOFF of a company. I will not list all of the other far more responsible suppliers of whole leaf tabacco online due to the fact that I wish for this review to be taken seriously without motivations towards selling another businesses products, but a simple google search of ” whole leaf tobacco” will provide you with a multitude of superior options.

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