Good evening. This is only my second report utilizing this reporting site. I am corresponding to warn all about a company out of the Bronx that specializes in the online ordering and delivery of synthetic incense (LOL). This company’s name is LegalZensense, Inc. and they are located on Kelly Street in NYC. | I have placed four orders with these individuals in the recent past and only a single order (the initial one) actually arrived containing the specific selections that I had made. The following three orders arrived with selections that were not mine and they continued to deteriorate in both quality and strength. This organization feels that they are entitled to reselect items for customers depending on the condition of their current inventory. Apparently the concept of maintaining inventory control and removing unavailable items from their website is an unfamiliar one to these individuals. Perhaps someone should inform them that is how real grownups run a concern. And, curiously enough, this only seems to occur with their higher ticket selections (imagine that !). | Additionally, please be extremely cautious of their shipping policies. They charge an additional $30 for 2-day Priority Express Mail. The USPS charges anywhere from $8.50 to $18.00 for this exact service depending on what you are shipping and it’s destination. So obviously LZNC, Inc. is collecting additional profits from that as well. I would not have a problem with that save for the fact that, yet again, only one of my four orders was delivered in the agreed-upon timeframe. The remaining orders required anywhere from six to nine days to arrive. | I attempted on several occasions to contact company regarding their delivery failures and their their propensity for substituting inferior grade products instead of what was actually ordered and paid for. Apparently the “customer service” department consists of two young women who sound as if they are about fifteen years old and who have about as much understanding of conversational English as I do of advanced mathematical chaos theory. They do not (according to them) have any supervisors onsite with which you can attempt to resolve your issues. You may simply leave a message with the children and then await a return call from someone with the authority to address your complaints. To date, I haved heard nothing in return from them despite the initial complaint being filed in excess of a month ago and repeated follow-up calls have all been in vain. | In conclusion, there are plenty of fish in the sea that provide the same product and services online a LZNC, Inc. and probably do it in a much more open, professional and honest manner. Do not do business with these individuals or your may find yourself in a similiar position as my own. NO LZNC, Inc !! Caveat emptor.

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