Levy & Associates, Inc.

Levy & Associates, Inc. Review

I hired this firm in 2016. I gave them one star because I do not have the option to give them negative five stars. I was referred to this firm by my advisor at the time so that Levy & Associates could be the CPA firm of my company’s 401K. After 3 years of being dissatisfied with theirs fees & services I decided to shop around, because I really thought that this firm charges too much for their services. I found a firm that charges half of what Levy & Associates charges and I switched to form a mutual referral relationship with the new Firm. I am so happy that I am getting so much more benefits and business from the new firm. However, the President of Levy & Associates could not resist the impulse to confront me in public, and harassed me, blaming the issues we had with them onto my CFO. Very inappropriate. It is my right to select any vendor I want without having to fear that I am going to be harassed and disrespected by a past vendor while I am at business networking events. I think Levy & Associates should be careful in how they treat their clients, especially the ones that leave them. This was a horrific experience and I do not wish any business person having to go through what I went through. That having been said, you are at your own risk if you still want to hire this firm.

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