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I just wanted to report how we were decieved by the Lexington Law Firm by presenting to us how easy it would be for them to have all of the errors that were showing up on our credit report. The presented a step by step solution process that according to the representative “in no time all of the errors in credit report would be all gone.” Their wesite says that they have been around for the longes and that sure know what they are doing when it comes to credit reports. Well let me warn you that they have been around for the longest is probably true, because they are sure pros when it comes to delay tactics whenever we come up with a direct question or concer. They sure pretended to know the law very well but later on we found out that they know absolutely nothing on how to resolve our case, bercause they seem to have no idea what steps they were going to take next after any negative report appears on our credit report. | It has been one whole year and none of the errors that we have pointed out to them have been deleted from our personal credit reports. Then what really bothered me the most was when they tried to decieve us into thinking that they have done positive improvement on our credit report. When the fact of the matter is that it was I who was responsible for the positve changes that were showing up in our accounts. | You see when I realized that Lexington Law was not doing anything to improve our credit reports other than sending out notifications to us whenever there would be a change in our credit report. They had the audacity to claim that it was because of their actions that there was anything positive coming out of our credit report. | In reality all Lexington Law really did was tell us if there were positive or negative improvement in our account. Twelve whole months we paid them $99.95 twice each month. That is at least $2100.00 that we have paid them. All that money for nothing. Because they just kept on draging their feet and blaiming everything on the system. They keep on changing the team players that was working on our files, so we never get to talk to the same people that we have talked with in the past. No wonder every time we talk to them over the phone the person that we were talking to have no idea on what our case was about. So If I were you and the Lexington Law Firm personel were ever approach you. I would stay from these people. Remeber to keep your doors lock unless you want to be taken out for a ride by these so called Credit Repair professionals.

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    June 16, 2020
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