Lieutenant Jeff Glaser, Cain Mora, Andres Rios, Jacqueline Seabrooks SMPD Corruption


Police lie, hold them accountable

This message is for all the people who are going to be or already have been victims of corruption from any one of the officers named here from Santa Monica Police Department – California.

Officer Cain Mora badge #3455
Officer Andres Rios badge #3531
Lieutenant Jeff Glaser in charge of ”professional standards”

Interim Chief of Police Jacqueline Seabrooks is also involved in this corruption.

On September 29, 2020 my formal complaint was lodged successfully with SMPD in writing, and acknowledged as received. This is a public record. Attorneys, the complaint is there – do not let the City Attorney of SM tell you it’s not.

Furthermore I will help anyone who has been damaged by these corrupt officers, I will testify on your behalf, you can contact me. Attorney Yochelson in the Los Angeles DA office has this complaint if you are looking to find me.

Since Chief Seabrooks gave my complaint to Lt. Glaser who I complained on – SMPD has refused to conduct an investigation or issue a disposition as required by law. As a result, I filed a criminal complaint with the Office of the California Attorney General regarding these 4 officers on February 1, 2021.

On July 2017 in Santa Monica, my mother was pulled over by Mora – Rios was nowhere to be seen. Mora began an interrogation of my mother which I heard the entire conversation and my mother video taped on her iphone. My mother commented on Mora’s accusations for the stop which invalidated his reason for stopping us and rendered his rationale moot.

Then Rios showed up 15 minutes later and interrogated me. He had a body cam on the whole time, I saw with my own eyes. He never spoke to or had any involvement with my mother at the scene or at the jail. Rios then fabricated words that I never said to suit his needs for his arrest report- to get his arrest and prosecution, he lied. He also looked me up on google to add fodder to his report and he put a bunch of fabricated assumptions that he made about me from the internet into his report that I never said and that are not true, just made up fiction to help him create a story.

Mora grabbed my mom’s iphone and deleted the video – then he – not Rios- arrested my mom and destroyed my life.

When the arrest report was issued the officers lied and named Rios as my mom’s arresting officer – which he was not. Mora faded into the background – they covered his tracks for deleting my mom’s video and all the whack things he said to justify the arrest that were 100% fabricated. Mora was now one step removed with Rios quoting him on the report rather than Mora speaking on his own behalf (that way he can’t be held accountable for lying in court when the trial came)

Thank goodness we learned from the criminal defense attorney we can recover the deleted video from my mom’s phone and request prosecution of these officers for their illegal acts against my family.

We got the body and dash cam footage of the arrest under subpoena. The subpoena called for all photos taken from the arrest and all body and dash cam footage for Mora and Rios. Lieutenant Glaser withheld all footage from Rios – the one who interrogated me. They gave no photos even though the police reports says they took photos, they only gave the dash and body cam footage of Mora. That footage was edited and tampered with. They deleted the conversation Mora had with my mom when she invalidated his reason for arrest with facts – her comments would have also proven the police report was fabricated.

We went to Glaser to get the body cam footage for Rios which would have also proven the report was fabricated – Glaser lied and says there is no body cam from Rios – ”he didn’t wear one that day”. Pure lies, I saw it with my own two eyes and he lied about what I said in the interrogation which the footage would have proven.

Seabrooks is refusing to investigate the complaint whatsoever – having handed it over to Glaser the ring leader. It is required y state law that she conduct a full investigation and issue a disposition. Because I was 18 when I filed the complaint they think they can ignore it.

Attorneys defending clients against any of these corrupt PD – get the reports – the complaints are there – I have copies of course.If you need a witness to impeach these criminals, I will assist.

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