LifeQuest Review

I first met Laura Azizyants at my hotel where her and her dad stayed. They were regular customers and we got along pretty good. She immediately told me that she was a doctor and a pharmacist. So I took her for her word and thought we could be good friends as she was very attractive and smart. | After many conversations with her and her boyfriend Reggie Bickford we really trusted each other. I even gave her advice on her new endeaver to open a drug clinic called Life Quests in Long beach area. I helped her with meeting a lot of the right people to help her. It wasn’t very long that she decided to make my life miserable after I told her I couldn’t help her any more. I was comping her and her family at our hotel many times. I even gave her complimentary meals and drinks. | I had invested over $25,000 in her medical practice. | But it turned out to be a hoax to screw me out of money. Now I have to file a lawsuit to try to get my money back. She says it was a “gift” and she doesn’t owe me anything. She’s been bitter since I think she wanted to be my boyfriend but I turned her down. I just want my money back. | My concern to the public is that she is not who she says she is. After my investigator did extensive inquiries about her and her family. It was discovered that she wasn’t a pharmist at all. When I confronted her with that she was extremely belligerent and told me to mind my own business. I checked to see if she was even a doctor as she claimed. It turns out that she’s not listed on any medical board so I doubt that she is really a doctor. | My concern to the public is that she is providing drugs to Reggie to try to get him back as her boyfriend and she will try the same strategy with other men. The clinic called Life Quests is only a facade to obtain drugs. According to records, it isn’t even open yet. Beware of her and her family. As they will screw you over with no remorse.

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