I called BellaAtHome/Lighting Coach and spoke with so many employees. The first employee told me that I need to go to the post office and get the Tracking Statement and fax it to them and they would refund me for the two (2) deliveries I didn’t receive. So, I took time out of my busy day and did that and faxed to the the fax number provided to me. I didn’t hear back from Lighting coach, after two (2) weeks I called them back. This person informed me I could only get 50% of my money back for an item I didn’t receive. I asked to speak with a manager. This employee told me that a manager would call me within 24 hours. I waited 48 hours and called back and explained the situation for the 3rd time. This employee also assured me that a manager would be contacting me within 24 hours. I waited of course did not get a call. Felt like Lighting Coach/BellaAtHome was giving me the run around and wasn’t planning on giving me my money back for the two deliveries I didn’t receive. I still called them back giving Lighting Coach the benefit of the doubt. I explained my story yet again. Also letting him know that the Manger did not call me back. This employee flat out told me they will NOT be giving me a refund and a manager will not be calling me. I was so appauled. I guess he noticed that I wasn’t backing off. I told him that they are preputrating a fraud. The are keeping my money and I didn’t receive the product. I also ask him if they received a slip signed from the postal worker? He of course didn’t answer that question. | I felt that all of my attempts to get my refund was exhausted with the BellaAtHome/Lighting Coach. So, I contacted my bank and supplied them with paperwork of communication between Lighting Coach and myself. Filed a claim of fraud against this company. | I feel the need to warn all the people I can about BellaAtHome/Lighing Coach. I also will tell my story to my 4,000 plue followers and every social media site i’m affiliated with. So, please everyone beware and don’t buy from this SCAM COMPANY!

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