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ELS AKA Lil Wolfe Mobile Home park are the biggest ripoff going. They are using outragious high late fees court costs and anything elase they can to force people out of their homes so ELS can steal them remove the homes sell them and put in new homes to charge higher rents and or sell them well above fair market prices. They had done this with 8 homes in my park alone this year. They also raise rents at will.In one year my rent has gone up 60.00 a month making this one of the highest priced park around. That wouldn’t be so bad if we got something in return.They do not repairs to the streets, They try to tell the home owner that we are to fix parking pad and remove THEIR DEAD OR DIEING Trees .They do however give you a $15.00 discount if you pay rent before the 1st of the month but charge you $40.00 if you are 3 days late. OH yea I forgot they won’t accept cash payments has to be money order or bank check. If it goes past 30 days late then they run to the local courts to try and evict you to STEAL YOUR HOME. That can cost you over 200.00 extra. They can’t or won’t even give you the correct amounts of the costs claiming they don’t know until the court give the amounts to them. AFTER THE HEARING. ELS makes up rules as the choose Peolpe aross the street from me got a letter telling them they had to sweep grass clipings out of the street, But ELS mowed thevacant home next to me and blew all the leaves and clipping on my lot for me to clean. When I called them on this they just blew me off. I also now have mice and rats getting into my home because of this vacant home next to me. | The bottom line is they act like they are penthouse owners to sucker people in , When really they are nothing more than slumlords. With big high power lawyers to back them. Talking to the town we are they brush things off saying that the park is private property and they can do anything. | The best part is some people have died here and other are getting sick. Now I have heard reports that the water is bad. Well I think the reports are right. I boiled away 5 gals. of tap water and if you saw what I got you wouldn’t drink it or even want to shower in it. I got about an 1 inches deep solids in the bottom of and 8 oz jar. I can guess some of it is lime and calium but god only knows what elses there. Side note the park would never allow soil testing to be done here either. | The mangement here will even hang up on you if you call them they are the same trash that owns the company. If you search the net you can find ELS website with post from current and former worker stating that the company ELS treat everyone including their workers like treash, They won’t spend money to fix anything in the park and I’m sure much more I am not aware of yet. | Time for everyone ine all the parks to stand up for our rights and get what we are paying for.

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