Lionheart Capital

Lionheart Capital Review

He sold us land and villas that he did not own, made up an inflated value, promised us that we would manage the property and the property at both Aqua and Blue Sky Ranch and he never did. He was a fraud. He was also hired to manage a resort development and bulldozed a restaurant that he did not even own to sell the land to others. Try | Trevor Barran is a con man. He knowingly stole from investors and continues too. Watch out for this guy and do NOT believe a thing he says. Do NOT do business with him. He does not pay his bills. He even leased a dozen vehicles and never Paid for them. | And he then proceeded to sell all of the vehicles and report them as stolen. He owes the government over ONE MILLION US Dollars. We could go on but prefer to have others tell their stories. This crook must be stopped and taken to justice. To jail.

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