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Headed by Isralei born Iran Azoulay his wife Zohara Azoulay of the Pacific Palisades and Gur Taub, the group has formed a coaltion of 7 stores on the venice beach boardwalk, all with the business model of the bait and switch scam. A tourist is told one price, then is charged for a price many times more, with threats of police. Many are not aware until they fly home to their country, after which they do not know the laws of culture in the country of their visit so its left as a loss. Intimidation and using cultural differences to take advantages of tourist foreign and domestic is the lowest of the low. | Many yelp reviews of just those who took the initiative says it all, theft on a insitutional level to pay rents of 20k monthly, with the olympics coming to Los Angeles I call on Mike Bonin and the City of los angeles to attack this issue. | The scam is not new just for it to be used in such a large scale in the second largest tourist destination in a first world country is absurd. | Below are the links to the yelp reviews, which only represent 2 of their 7 business on the strand in Venice with 18 million tourist a year. Who will fight for the tourist if the city doesnt care?

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