Lisa Pein/seven eleven

Lisa Pein/seven eleven Review

Report Filed: Lisa Pein/seven eleven Lisa pein Stole money from my paycheck/Slavery wilton manors florida!!

This lady acts as a stand up person. The reality of the matter is she’s a theif. She and her family owns multiple seven elevens in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She hires workers but steals from their checks. She claims she doesn’t know what happens and acts as if she trying to see what’s wrong. Your checks come up short she expects you to not notice. They slave you they expect you to do overloads of work. It continues with many employees. Some even steal from her once their fed up with it happening continuously. She plays victim once they do the same thing she does back. Be aware of this employer and taking up employment with her. She always plays victim and theirs always something going on with the money as she says. The whole time they steal from your check. It’s very hard for her to pay you back your money. You have to go to the court to fight her.

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