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Little River Healthcare Review

I accidentally paid a medical bill to this company thinking it was for a different issue (my fault). I contacted their company 1/2018 and explained I had paid the bill in error and it was actually going to be zeroed out and the bill was not due to see if they could refund me quickly. After explaining the situation they did agree to refund and zeroed the invoice but explained their refund process would take a little while so I needed to be patient. | I was fine with that. (s/w two people at this point Angel & Katrice). I called back in February and a different girl Chantavia who said she had to submit a special refund form and that if I hadn’t rec’d anything by April to call back. Called back in April, May, June, and July. Now I’ve left two messages with accounting department whose number is 512-430-6423 and have not rec’d a call back. It should not be this difficult to get $240.97 of my money back. Ridiculous

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