Liva Derma

Liva Derma Review

First of all, good luck getting in contact with them. The number they have is registered to a home appliance company based out of Florida. Secondly, the address they list is the home of Webpro, a marketing design firm that one of my friends works for. Having lived in Savannah, I was surprised to see this as their address and thought it was familiar, so reached out to my friend only to find out it is NOT Liva Derma or anything close to it. I too, was tricked into thinking that I was getting a trial product for cost of shipping. Was not told or made aware of any additional or monthly charges to my account. I disputed, and yet they refuse to refund me. Have reported them to BBB and every other consumer advocacy group and government agency. THEY ARE A SCAM and will take your money and run. NOTHING LEGIT. The product itself is crap and definitely NOT worth the hundreds they charge you for it. Can find better products for much less that produce better results. Do yourself a favor and WALK AWAY. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY AD FOR THIS COMPANY!!

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