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I hired David Lluis to submit certain documents to INS over 2 years ago. My case was supposed to be a very easy case, but hiring such an incompetent attorney only made things worse. | I got my temporary green card and before its expiration I was supposed to send a new form requesting to change my status from temporary to permanent resident. Attorney David Lluis knew that this wasn’t a bona fide marriage; indeed, I married a Vietnamese woman for the purpose of evading immigration laws. | After I got my temporary green card I got a bill for nearly twice the money we were supposed to pay him. I called him and he said that it was an “involuntary error” and that he was still going to complete his work. | Before the green card expiration (2 years from its issuance date) there is a 3 month window in which he was supposed to send a new form to change the green card status from temporary to permanent. With 2 weeks left in the 3 month window I called him to follow up. He recognized he forgot to send the forms and promised to send them within 24 hours. I had to follow him like a baby, this delayed the entire process several months. When we finally had the appointment with immigration officials DAVID LLUIS DID NOT SHOW UP! | I called him and once again and he said that since he hadn’t received a payment (which I wasn’t supposed to make) he could not continue working. He abandoned over a wrong invoice and left without any notice. | I am in deportation proceedings now as my green card was considered abandoned. Lluis’s blunder has cost me a lot of stress and money, as I had to pay my new attorney $15,000 to fix all the damage Lluis did. | DO NOT HIRE THIS SWINDLER AND USE A DECENT ATTORNEY. THIS IS THE MOST DISHONEST ACROSS L.A.

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