Lombardo, Daniels, & Moss LLC.

Lombardo, Daniels, & Moss LLC. Review

I am about to lose my job because this company is garnishing my wages for a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy in 2002. The original debt was to HSBC bank which was bought out by Capital One. HSBC is listed on my bankruptcy, and it was discharged before Capital One bought them. I spoke with Capital One legal department and they said there is currently NO law suit, nor was there ever any collections under my name, social security or DOB through them. | Somehow this company bought a discharged debt, and received a default judgement through the courts. I was never notified to appear in court and all of the paperwork that was sent to my employer has an address for me that I have not lived at in over 4 years. | I contacted the court and they said I needed to answer the plea on the original papers that they sent me to get this judgement vacated, the problem is, I never received any notice to appear or any letters that I was even being sued. This collection company does not even have my correct address, even though the courts can easily pull it up through my dmv records. | How do I get my money back, get this judgment vacated and save my job?

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