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Lonestar Auctioneers Review

I bought several items from these scam artists based upon their photos and descriptions. What you are buying is junk. A 2010 car I bought was shown as a decent car, when delivered it was easily apparent that it had been rolled. Later we found the engine was totaled as well. Cost? $4000 A Jaguar was described as “looks clean” they didn’t tell me that they had taken it to the shop, got a huge repair estimate, then put it on the internet… “looks clean” indeed. Then they falsified the documents to obtain a title. I have the falsified paperwork still. Cost? Another $4000. I also bought a Taurus, looked great in the pics, but the car was missing many parts, the trunk wouldn’t close, it wouldn’t run, and was a total. I warned you, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CLOWNS!!!!!! | The photos look good. In reality the paint is hammered and hail damaged, the tint is ripped, the windows are cracked, the tires are bald, the transmission doesn’t shift, the fuel pump is bad, the keys need reprogrammed ($800 alone), the interior is stained, the dash is cracked, and so much more. I have now over $3000 in a car that still does not run, is unsellable, and does not have a valid title. This is an example of what you can buy from Lonestar Auctioneers and Lonestar Towing. | UPDATE: Lonestar Auctioneers is changing their name to LSOAuctions.com. It is the exact same company and bid process disguised to avoid their bad press. Best Wishes to all.

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