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I have been in my home for 2 years and have a leak in the window seal that I have been argueing over with the supposed “warranty” people (using the term “warranty” loosly). Warranty covers nothing. The leaking is rain water coming thru the siding but know one wants to own up to it being their problem. I have had the window people, roofing and filed a complaint with warranty but every states it is my responsibility but this is an issue that I did not cause. This is due to either faulty siding or installation of the windows. I am not sure since I don’t build homes but I feel like my only recourse is to file a claim with my home owners insurance and I don’t feel like that is fair. I also have had cracks in the walls but again do not feel I should be responsible to fix. I understand some cracks are created by shifting but should the house be shifting that much. Doors get stuck and won’t close properly. Is there a foundation problem? Again, I am not a builder. I do not want to pay out hundreds of dollars thru filing multiple claims to fix a problem created by faulty building by Long Lake builders.

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