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I am a loving caregiver as well as an intelligent woman, This woman sounded so professonal and everything seemed to be legit, we exchanged e-mails and had set up everything prior to their arrival on Dec 12th. She never asked me for personal information so I thought this was a great opportunity until she asked me if I could assist in buying some common household items and grocieries as in my nature for helping people I said sure no problem and gave her my adddress then in turn she sent me a cashier!s check lol!! (that’s how I spotted it btw!) in the amount of $3980.00. First I was in awe that someone would send that amount of money on my word alone, I mean I am a good person but they don’t know that! Either way i took it to my bank and they explained that “they” in this case it’s Lori Arnorld, tell you to deposit it through the ATM and you will have “some funds” available and that as soon as the check clears for you to send the rest to so and so because she never gave me the information I had intianally asked her for. And because it’s under $4000.00 the bank does not hold it. So by the time it’s sent back as insufficient funds or fruedulant in any way that’s when your bank holds you accountable and you have to pay it back. Please be careful If you have a good heart and just want to help people because so many prey on that as a weakness.

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