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I had order2 front strut` assemblys for my car.when i ordered them the price was77.50 for one, it show on the invoice thgat i had order 2 The price reads2x77.50=150.00 dollars. they said they would be delivered free, well i gotone about a week later,thinking both was in this big cardboard homemade box took it in to unwrap it and there was only one so the next day try to get ahold of someone emailed them and i called the phone number during the day time no one answwed the phone, i beleiuvede i sent them 3 or4 emails no response tried to call a couple morew time no response, so as yesterday i call them agin , they put me on hold, 45 minutes later while i’msitting there listening to there music that was pretty blah music then the phone disconnt me, i called back no answer called back again really fired up, then this guy answer the phone and yes i had a attitude by now, tell me he will send me a email telling me how to send it back and i needless told him i was”nt paying for it oh and also the strut they sent me had oil leaking out of the srurt3 days have went by no email havent heard anythingfrom them.as i finish writing this letter another day gone by nothing from them

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  1. Lael Starkweather
    June 16, 2020

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