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Hello i donated money to LSXceleration derek scott and he never gave the donations to the fire victom. read the two emails from derek scott and his family its proof that they colected donations but decided to keep it and not give the money to the fire victom mark scott May 5 to 6wdwf-61075598. hello im derek scotts brother mark scott we are raising money for you for the next 30 days at all of our concerts we take pride in helping people in your situation on june 5th are tour ends that is when we will tally up what we raised and deposit the funds to your paypal…..god bless and help is on the way [email& 160;protected]> to me Jun 5 hello this is derek scott our last concert was in london and the terror attack broke out as a result my brother mark was stabbed 82 times and is in critical condition but the money we raised for you is tallied up and you will be recieving $6000 from us but i have to tend to this family emergency first but your funds will be given to you this month. | i cant say when or what time but you are our priority. i am a man of my word i just cant leave london without my brother i hope you understand peace and love

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