LTD Financial Services, L.P.

LTD Financial Services, L.P. Review

I continuously receive calls from this number 1-800-741-2100 where I previously spoke with a representative and made payment arrangements on two private student loans. I accidently filed my unemployment one day late so the funds were not available in my account….I tried to call the company but the original person that I had spoke to seemed to no longer exist (or ever), so now I am receiving calls again fronm a “Natasha Morris” however she refuses to name the company she is calling on behalf of. | Since she is calling MY house she needs to fully identify HERSELF since she called ME, I mean we have a lagitamite business deal here so why all the deception and sneak tactics? | Every month I receive a statenment from LTD Financial stating they are going to take the money out, it states to ask for Steven Vutci if I have any questions… I called Steven and got his voicemail and told him I want to remedy the situation ASAP but I want to deal with him only……first thing this morning I get another call from this Natasha Morris…..once again refusing to identify her company…..I called Steven Vutci immediatly and actuallly got him on the phone and simply told him my name and told him I am more than happy to settle the issue when his employee Natasha Morris identifies what company she is calling from, then “I” will verify MY information….not the other way around. | The creditor is listed as Citibank……thinking I am just going to start paying them…..sending them a money order and seeing what happens, not sure if I can do that…..but better then playing ring arounfd the rosie with this company. I mean how hard is it to be honest?

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