Luis Anthony Ewing

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I hired this man as a side lawyer(tribal) to represent me. He couldnt do the job no matter how he tried because I had a court appointed lawyer on my case and because HE COULDNT SHOW UP and only sent his briefs by email, it didnt work at all so I pled guilty cause I had NO HOPE with him. I paid him a large amount and his attitude sucked . He wrote me mean emails after I sent him a nice one wanting to maybe make some of the money back BY REFERRING. I would not advise ANYONE TO HIRE THIS MAN. He is a Poumpass a*s for real. If anyone wants more info as to what he did for me please email me at sand how it ended up email me at saleslady2014 at google. I have numerous emails that I can copy paste to let you know what kind of person you are dealing with. He is not professional at all.

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