Luminis Skin Serum

Luminis Skin Serum Review

I came across an advertisement using Angelina Jolie as a representative for Luminis when browsing items on the Wish app. This advertised that you could receive a free bottle to only pay for shipping and handling. Another option popped up during the checkout process offering another free sample of Belle Epoque. Not realizing that I would be charged another shipping and handling fee, my order was processed. Only to find out that it was an initial trial and I would need to cancel before the trial was over otherwise I would be charged. | I received no email confirmation of this order and there was no packing slip for a contact in my package. I had to contact my banking institution to obtain a number only to be given another number to call. I contacted Belle Epoque first who told me that I was calling too soon to cancel and I’d need to ship the item back or wait another week to cancel. Assuming this was with the same company as Luminis, I was waiting till that date to cancel only to find that I was charged over $98.00. I contaced the customer service number for Luminis and they refused to reverse my payment so I asked to cancel the subscription only to have the rep try to offer to send me a free bottle to compensate the charges but I would be charged again in January which makes no sense why it would be a “free bottle” only if I chose to be charged again in 2 months. | She said that I would receive an email confirmation of the cancellation but I wanted her to hold until I received the confirmation as I did not receive an email confirmation on my initial order but she refused. She gave me the cancellation number. I asked if there was a corporate contact and she said no. I asked what company they work for and she refused to give me that as well. I asked her what products they sold and she said she wasn’t going to give me that either. I contacted my bank to see if I can stop payment from this account and they said that they set me up on a recurring payment so the only option would be to receive a new card as they had my current card on file or just hang on to my cancellation number and dispute it if they charge my account again. No legitimate company would make someone go through this wilthout providing confirmation of the terms in which they did not. This has put me through the ringer just to cancel a subscription that I wasn’t aware I even signed up for.

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