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Report Filed: Mentor Financial Group LLC Refusal to return my $1,000 good faith deposit Highland Utah!!

Investigation results for this company from the Federal Investigation Mentor Financial Group LLC 5406 W 11000 N suite 444 Highland, Utah Owner: Jerry Norton and Peter coti The fee to become an exclusive member is $1,000. This membership will give each member a title as a manager who has knowledge of Real estate. When the manager sent them a profitable deal, an inexperienced staff would take days to figure out if in fact after looking at 300 pictures, gone thru comparable houses, a professional quote for repairs and a video. You should never ever employ chimps helper to do the thinking work because they just simply dont have a clue what to look for. Always hire licensed Realtors to work as office deal consultants. You can’t teach a chimp new tricks! It just does not compute high profit margin when they see one! All millionaires should keep an eye for all the dishonest female chimps who want to steal the members’ s commissions. Replace the chimps with smart Realtors who know what they are talking about and will be more likely to abide by the real estate laws. Many members have not been paid for months eventhough they have sent in all the purchase contracts. Something is obviously wrong with this picture! Female office staff members rely way too much on the deal genie that when it comes time to make a smart educate investment decision, they just can’t. In order to win in the real estate world, everyone must work as a team. If a deal needs an update on comparable houses, the staff should do so and not have to wait for a deal analyzer! You must use your intelligence VS. a robot that was programmed to do what it is told and not to use logical sequences based on the high volume of profits a property can derive to higher value after repairs. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If your local real estate agents ask for money up front “an earnest money deposit during a signing purchase contract””

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