Miyacadora, LLC

Miyacadora, LLC Review

Report Filed: Miyacadora, LLC Miguel Fernando Palacios, Yazmin Valle Palacios Slum Lords, Illegal Access into Tenant’s Apartments by Owners, Sex for Rent Los Angeles, California!!

Miguel Fernando Palacios and Yazmin Valle Palacios are slumlords, they rent out apartments in L.A. under Miyacadora, LLC that are dirty cockroach infested and full of mold. Miguel is also a pervert and tries to trade rent for sexual favors. I rented out an apartment from them. My worst experience was when I was 5 days behind on my rent. I called Miguel Palacios to explain my situation. He said ok we can figure something out. The next thing I knew it, he was banging on my door. He came smelling like alcohol. Mind you he is an old man, and I am a 20 something female single mother living with my boyfriend. Miguel Palacios tried to push his way in my apartment and said I could suck his **** to get an extension on the rent. I pushed the door shut locked it and called my boyfriend. I made plans to move out as soon as possible but it took a few days. I had to go to school, and when I came home one day I found that my things had been gone through. I confronted Miguel Palacios about it since the door was left locked. He actually admitted it saying he had the right to go in my apartment because he was the landlord. I moved in with my parents the next day just to get out of there. Then they kept my deposit. I called to try to plead with Yazmin his wife and tell her about what her husband did but she did not want to hear it. She hung up on me and wouldnt return my phone calls. I am out of my deposit but Im happy to be out of that slum. I lived in this apartment 723 Columbia Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017, but I googled Miyacadora LLC and found all these other addresses owned by them so be warned if you are looking to rent at one of these places. 1424 S Catalina St., Los Angeles, CA90006 109 N. Ave 56, Los Angeles-Highland Park, CA 90042 1439 S. Orange Grove Avenue, Los Angeles-Mid-City, CA 90019

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