MLK Community Mural Project

MLK Community Mural Project Review

Report Filed: MLK Community Mural Project Kyle Holbrook Did not pay for the work provided to the company as an independent contractor under a verbal agreement Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!!

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Alexander M, and this summer I have completed some work for the MLK Community Mural Project, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh. I worked as an independent contractor under a verbal agreement with my employer, providing creative and artistic support with developing and producing murals for Youth Places locations at 711 West Commons, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. Kyle Holbrook was representing MLK and would find and hire workers for a particular project. The artists, who were working under Holbrooks supervision, including myself, never registered their hours, and would only verbally report them to get paid. We mostly communicated over text messages regarding obtaining checks and payments. The payment we agreed on was $15 an hour. I worked 10 hours adding up to $150 dollars, and several weeks later, when I demanded my payment for the amount of hours I worked, I was given unfulfilled promises, and after a month and a half of trying I finally got a check in the mail. It had a hundred dollars written out to me. When I messaged back asking what happened to the remaining $50, Holbrook seemed in disbelieve that I have worked enough hours to be claiming $150, although I have repeatedly reported logged hours to him. He promised to get that payment to me a number of times. Three and a half months later the check was never sent out, moreover, it was never written. My attempts to reach anyone in charge of the company were of no avail, as their website does not provide any phone numbers, and the last time I tried to write on their webpage directly, as well as sending an email to the address on their page, I ended up receiving an email from Holbrook. I am not sure what to do in this situation. Would you be so kind to give me your advice as to what I should do? Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Alexander M

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