Pauls Tire Inc

Pauls Tire Inc Review

Report Filed: Pauls Tire Inc Put on Awful tires, Over tightened lugs, broke off lug then told me it was my fault. Refused to help fix what THEY broke! Glen Burnie Maryland!!

STAY AWAY!! They sold me 4 used tires 1 of which leaked badly. They patched it but it still wouldn’t hold air. So I went to Sams Club (which I HIGHLY recommend) only to find out Paul’s extremely over-tightened my lugs. So I went back for Paul’s to get them off… they broke a lug ON the tire! I told them it was their fault and they needed to pay for it and they told me they have ZERO liability- said lugs tighten like that over time but THEY had only just put the tire on 2 weeks ago. Now my mechanic (Johnny’s on Crain Hwy. who is AWESOME) has to cut it off with a blow torch and replace the stud and lug- $100 that Paul’s expects me to pay. Spend a little more money and go to a REPUTABLE place that guarantees their work and won’t sell you garbage tires not even a junk yard would sell.

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