Penn ohio roofing and roof llc

Penn ohio roofing and roof llc Review

Report Filed: Penn ohio roofing and roof llc Dustin golub NOT A BUISNESS MAN ..RUDE…IGNORANT.LIAR Hermitage pa Nationwide!!

First off where do I begin…I been going through hell with this so called BUISNESS man”I have been to court and of course I got laughed at which was not right.i could not get a lawyer cause every one I have contacted said they represent this guy before..really..I have pictures as well as texts and emails of this man threatening me and my family. Calling us white trash””. Threatening to beat a female costumer up is not called for.all I asked was for him to please come out here and fix the work safe and up to CODE. It has failed twice. He has not did all that was on his contract there is no sidewalk which he bidded in his contract.he told me as well as my insurance agent if that sidewalk was not built then the money is mine. The money is not the issue clearly he is. I have messages where he agreed to put a gutter up on the roof cause my yard is flooding.him to fix what the electrician he hired messed up.i have pictures of the big nasty hole in my wall that was left there and not to mention my hall light worked just fine before his electrician put up the two lights and an indoor fan outside. Now his excuse is it’s illegal to fix it and it’s not up to code?? Well why did the electrician tap into to begin with then if that’s the case? I would post pictures as well as all the nasty remarks and threads he sent me if I knew how to. I just want this guy to do what he said he would I have that in messages as well. He should not be allowed to do ppl this way.. it’s not fair and now he’s threatening to get me for slander how if all I’m doing is telling people the truth and watch this guy. Something needs done I have so much more to tell and show”

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