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Pep Boys Santa Ana Review

Report Filed: Pep Boys Santa Ana Automotive Repair & No refunds when they mess up your car Santa Ana,, California!!

I went here for 2 new tires and alignment and an oil change. There was not a single thing wrong with my car. I had two good tires on the back and wanted the new ones on the front. They said California law says they have to put the new tires on the back. So I said move the good tires to the front and put the new ones on the back. They proceeded to throw away my good tires and put new tires on the back leaving the totally bald tires on the front which were about to blow out from zero tread. Also my car is shaking down the road like crazy. I go back and they don’t want to give me 2 partially used tires to replace the good ones they threw out until I threatened to take em to court at which point they decided to give me 2 brand new tires but the alignment is still wrong so I come back a 3rd time and have an appointment for a re-alignment and they close at 8 and it is 6:30 and they say they can’t do it and refuse to do so.So then I have to come back once again (#4 time) and get the car realigned. Still shaking and pulling hard to the right. They tell me now that there is nothing they can do cuz the car is within its alignment specifications. I go to a specialist in alignment and he finds that they never took the weights off the wheels before balancing them so there were too many weights making my tires shake uncontrollably to the point I almost lost control of my vehicle on the freeway and it was exremely hairy!! They also found the car to be out of alignment so I called Javier the manager who gave me the tires after arguing about it first last time and tell him I went elsewhere and they were able to fix the car completely and I want my bill paid by Pep Boys. He says ok bring the receipt and we will pay you. I bring the receipt and because it is on the alignment specialists letterhead stamped on the alignment sheet they say it is not an acceptable receipt and won’t give me the money to repair my car which they messed up. I am taking them to court where I will totally win and they will pay alot more than $80 which was the cost of my repairs for the repair of damages they did to my car.

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