Public Defender Office in FlorenceSc.

Public Defender Office in FlorenceSc. Review

Report Filed: Public Defender Office in FlorenceSc. would not have meeting did not try to put up a good Defense for client asking anyone else to please come forward we need to stop the Corruption now we need our rights back we need our America back were we could count on the ones supposed to help now they take turn on who going to win Florence South Carolina!!

There is no one to report the Lawyer too reporting to Columbia is a joke! They do not care no matter if it is on recording there not enough evidence for them. But they can not do anything any way so they say . i need help Please if any one knows someone who can help please help me. There were two junk cars sitting in yard for 6 years the land lord said they could be taken away for thrash, there were no motor or anything left. So my friend got rid of the cars as part of clean up there was a Uhaul truck full of thrash from inside it was just a big junk pile! But they needed some were to stay but now landlord is lying and said she did not say to get rid of cars. i pull her tax records and car faxs together they show one was badly wreck 4 times and finally total the other only ran 9 months from when she got it. There valve is (0) i call junk yard they said maybe 150.00 to 200 denpend on weight. but she or they who ever is asking 6200. Which is a felony! Tried showing the lawyer the paper work he said she can ask what she wants, This is the Public Defender he should be getting them down to what they are worth if she change her mind! Go to Florence county site you see why she change her mind she was taken to court and lose what ever it was cost her 3000. So guess she trying to get money for that . But that does not exuse the Public Defender for not doing his part and proving the cars are not worth that. I would love to name everyone involed in this i not sure i can but if i can let me know so if someone else get this lawyer they will know they are in trouble and this woman name so no one deals with her! If there some way to attach copy of report please let me know. Time is running out i really trying so hard to help please if there anyone out there who knows what to do please help ! Please anyone else out there had trouble with this office help me to get our rights back!There so much more will put more tomorrow!

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