Rachel farmer

Rachel farmer Review

Report Filed: Rachel farmer Care Giver, House cleaning, stolen, untrustworthy, Cody, Wyoming!!

Rachel Farmer started cleaning for me and was doing a wonderful job. however she started bringing strange men over to my house when i was not home. and never told me nor introduced them to me. my neighbors had informed me of the issue. when i confronted her about the problem she quit immeaditily. The problem is i had paid her in advance per her request which she still owes me $80 for services not rendered. she also had borrowed an $80 air matress which she has not returned. she no longer responds to my request to have my items returned. in total she riped me off for $160. I understand she also does caregiving for the elderly and i would like anyone to know who does a search for Rachel Farmer that this is the kind of person she has become. Im sure she was always this way and i just misjudged her. I am glad i only lost $160 before something really expensive was taken.

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