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Report Filed: Red Lobster Bait and Switch. Doesn’t Care about customers Spokane Washington!!

My family was a regular visitor to our local Red Lobster for lunch, and occasionally dinner. On average we would visit 3-4 times per month. One of our favorite dishes is the Sailors Platter, which they only have on their lunch menu. When we have visited for dinner, they have still offered the Sailors Platter, for approximately $3.00 additional, due to it being dinner hour. On August 4, 2016 we visited during the dinner hour, in the mood for seafood. Our server was Lee S. After being seated, we sat and waited quite some time before he even came over to welcome us, or even get our drink orders. Once we received our drinks (finally), we went to place our meal orders. We requested 2 sailors platters, to which Lee stated we couldn’t get, but he would work something up that would be close in price. We trusted our server to be honest with us. The third plate was honey glazed chicken with wood grilled shrimp, which we have received previously at the dinner hour, exactly like on the lunch menu, but with the additional of a salad for $3.00 additional. Once again, Lee stated that we couldn’t get that plate, but he would work something up that would be close in price. Our food arrived, finally. Drink refills were a challenge. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to go get my own refills. When the check arrived, I was shocked to see that Lee was NOT honest with us, and what he “worked up”” was no where even close to prices we have paid before. For the Sailors Platters

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