Rich Kassel of E2 Builders aka SASCO

Rich Kassel of E2 Builders aka SASCO Review

Report Filed: Rich Kassel of E2 Builders aka SASCO SASCO Susan Kassel Took all the insurance money and didn’t finish the job Lawrenceville GA Georgia!!

Shotty workmansip, no budiness license, acted in bad faith, downright stubborn and rude to suppliers and crew. Crew comlained of lack of materials and no timely payroll. Would not produce receipts upon request, etc. Here’s the letter we sent him when we fired him: Dear Rich: We are writing to notify you that we wish to terminate our relationship with you and no longer need your contractor services at our property at XXXX. We are terminating this relationship for the following reasons: Your refusal to commit to a timeline of completion for this project. We have asked you repeatedly both verbally and in writing to provide information re: the completion of the project and you have ignored all requests. The slow progress. You have had 13 months to complete this project, which is way beyond the 6 u2013 9 months you said it would take. Since receiving the final payment from insurance in May 2018, your work has slowed to an unacceptable pace and you no longer behave as one who is committed to completing this project in a timely manner. Your refusal to provide receipts/invoices for the work completed on our property, or the products you claim to have purchased (such as the appliances, the countertops, the cabinetry, the carpet, etc.). You were provided with more insurance funds than your written estimates indicated, yet you refuse to provide any information re: how the insurance funds were spent or how you have arrived at a negative balance. Your lack of honesty. You asked us to sign three supplemental requests, each of which contained false information. We refused. Instead of removing the false information from the documents, you stated that you would send them to the insurance company anyway, without our signatures or approval. You also forwarded a Certificate of Completion to our insurance company without our signature and without our prior approval, and without having completed the work. At this point, we no longer feel that you are trustworthy or an ally who is committed to making our lives whole again, as you stated in the beginning. We are electing to finish the remaining work without your services.

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