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Report Filed: Sam naficy md rejuvination sam naficy bellevue surgeon botched rhinoplasty surgery review butchered slaughterhouse not ethics Bellevue Washington!!

NAFICY HURTS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. While consulting with reputable surgeons around the US for my revision I found that none have ever heard of Dr Sam Naficy. He is an unknown doctor that charges similar prices to reputable surgeons. He is able to get away with this by using aggressive PR and sales tactics. He owns at least 10 websites and floods the internet with pretty pictures. Even a monkey with a knife will make a nice nose once in a while. My revision surgeon found bone in my alar rim grafts, the strut graft to be too long, and the tip graft to be too large for the space. Dr Naficy refused to shorten the strut graft for me even though I told him about the ONGOING PAIN AND PRESSURE IN MY NOSE. Does this man have a conscience? Evidently no, he lets his patients suffer. The uploaded photo shows how he amputates the nose. AGGRESSIVE MARKETING INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

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