schoharie county cps and family court

schoharie county cps and family court Review

Report Filed: schoharie county cps and family court Judge George R. Bartlett the 3rd, David Lapinel, Teresa A. Meade, James Bryant, Michael Elliott, pau they illegally put an order of protection against me in 2010 for my step kids. also they allowed my step daughter to live with her father knowing he was a drug dealer and had illegal guns in his house as a convicted felon. schoharie new york!!

shawn cooper was arrested for having cocanie and guns in his house while his daughter emma ann cooper was present at the house during the time of his arrest. also they illegally modity an order of protection on june 4th 2013 to add emma ann cooper to the order. i was never in court on june 4th 2013 and was never served the copy of the order of protection from june 4th 2013 and yet schoharie county tried to say I violated that order. also they gave me Teresa A. Meada as my family court lawyer knowing there was a conflict because she was my attorny in a penal law case where I was sentenced to 1 to 3 in new york state prison. well april 1st 2002 deputy wood and cpl.hamm from the schoharie county jail brought me to elmria state prison and they wouldnt take me. judge George R. Bartlett the 3rd was the judge in that case and is the same judge in my family court case. on june 5th 2002 judge bartlett vacated my prison sentenced and placed my bail at $100,000 and $200,000 bailbonds man for no other reason then he made a mistake in my case. on september 11th 2002 i signed papers not to suit him and the schoharie legal system to go home that day. also on october 4th 2013 i was forced to accept a neglect charge because if i did not accept it David Lapinel would pull strings in the schoharie county district attroneys office to voilated my five years felony probation and send me to prison. David Lapienl is the cps lawyer against me in schoharie county family court and he is also an a.d.a. for the schoharie county district attorneys office. i have the leagal paper work to prove what I have tolllll

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