Scott McGillivray Introductory Real Estate Seminar

Scott McGillivray Introductory Real Estate Seminar Review

Report Filed: Scott McGillivray Introductory Real Estate Seminar This is not really an honest presentation. It seems like Scott McGillivray will be present but there are just people who say they know him delivering the messages. The talking is fast and if the offer Creates impression something that it is not, tricky, deceptive Winnipeg, Manitoba!!

There was a seminar on real estate purchasing that the advertisement made to seem like Scot McGillivray would be there but he was not there at all, just people who said they represented him. The invitations said the invited person and their guest would get a digital camera as a gift. During the seminar the representatives said that the free gift would be given out at the end. All that was given out was a piece of paper with an address that we filled in and sent in with our own postage stamp. Reviews on the internet say that no digital camera has arrived for them. Also the first 50 people to register are supposed to get something that looks like a laptop computer in the picture on the advertisement, all that is given out is a piece of paper that we put our address on and hand back. Yet I got a phone call the day before the event that said congratulations on winning a netbook. People have the opportunity to sign up for a longer seminar and access to a liberal funding source for buying and selling houses in a subwholesale/to/wholesale profit plan. The cost of this is $1997.00. For a purchase that large there should be more detailed information and an opportunity to consider it. Based on the deceptiveness of the idea Scott Mc. would be there and the supposed free gifts I would mistrust any wording I thought I heard. This is one thing that one would have to resist rushing into based on what they thought they understood it to be because the marketers are definitely using the psychology of assumption and impression against the potential purchasers. My advice is that people should get to know what the reality is and go slowly on this one if at all, it is tricky.

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