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Report Filed: Scottrade Scottrade Refused To Deal With Customer Complaints San Luis Obispo California!!

In 2013, my Scottrade Brokerage and Scottrade Bank account was hacked. Somebody accessed my account and initiated over $800,000 of ACH transfers which were then used to trade stocks at enormous losses, essentially buying stocks in my account at a premium while another account was selling them. Long story short, Scottrade refused to acknowledge the fraud and blamed me responsible, as a result of Scottrade’s failures I conducted research into Scottrade’s security systems and subsequently warned them in the Summer of 2013 about the database vulnerabilities that Scottrade recently acknowledged after two years of doing nothing. Bottom line, Scottrade’s management has death ears when it comes to hearing customers complaints and suggestions – and as a result 4.6+ Million customers are now at risk of identity theft and fraud. If you are curious about the complaints against Scottrade and want proof that Scottrade was informed of their security failures please feel free to Google “MuckRock Scottrade”” or submit Freedom Of Information Act requests to the SEC requesting all complaints against Scottrade. My 2 cents

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